You, a grown adult, are afraid of the dark. Explain why this is a legitimate concern, so friends won’t laugh at you.

Consider this: everything bad in the movies happens in the dark.

The killer is coming for everyone… it’s nighttime and none of the lights are working.

An apparition or ghost appears at night after everyone has already gone to sleep.

The purge literally happens at night.

But on a more serious note, and before you think I’m being silly, I’m not afraid of the dark because of the dark itself, but I’m afraid of the possible dangers concealed by the dark.

, a reporter with Medical Daily, says that “being afraid of the dark isn’t irrational or childlike; it’s a natural human impulse. It turns out that the feelings of anxiety and uneasiness we feel when the lights go out are a reflection of an evolutionary impulse to remain safe.”

When the lights go out, it’s a natural response for human’s to feel uneasy because the lack light, or being able to see, threatens our feeling of safety.

So please, don’t judge me. I just want to feel safe.