Write a “bucket list” for your favourite superhero.

Oh this is going to be fun… my favourite superhero is of course Captain America/Steve Rogers.


  1. “Binge-watch” something?
  2. Find out what binge-watch means
  3. Pick up Thor’s hammer
  4. Join a barbershop quartet
  5. The Beatles?
  6. Backstreet Boys?
  7. One Direction?
  8. Try Asian cuisine
  9. Go to a concert with Bucky & Sam
  10. Go to the drive-in
  11. Watch a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium
  12. Fly in Sam’s suit
  13. Fly in Tony’s suit
  14. Try “street meat”
  15. Meet the Queen
  16. Find out what “F-M-L” means
  17. Find out what “I-R-L” means
  18. Start a softball team with the other Avengers
  19. Set up Nat & Bucky
  20. Go to Six Flags
  21. Star Wars/Trek?
  22. Visit somewhere “tropical”
  23. Help Bucky get better
  24. Give Peggy her dance

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